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The new world starts hereOur lives include a variety of concerns and interests. This website exists to help you understand how to use that technology to further enrich your interests and curiosity and help alleviate some of those concerns you might have. We’ll start by getting your feet wet in the pool of personal technology, using tablets, smartphones, installing apps, uploading and downloading photos, using email, doing searches, showing how to stay safe on the internet and where to get help. But after that, the real fun begins.

We show you how to connect your phone to your car, operate a webcam from a thousand miles away, use Virtual reality to have a video conference in a medieval tavern halfway around the world. How to use Google Home without owning Google Home. Most importantly we can show you how to get an answer to questions from sources you can trust, how to quickly locate government services, bypass long ticket lines, and phone queues, where to get medical information you can trust. Some of what we’ll show you already exist at a deeper level in the apps and digital tools you may already own, some will be brand new.  Join Us!


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